I don’t have a pre-order problem, really!

In a discussion on Twitter yesterday, a friend and I were cheerfully looking forward to the books we’ve pre-ordered and are expecting to have over the next month, and we decided to compare lists. And how better to share lists than through a terrifying blog post listing them?

Mine isn’t quite as bad as I imagined. Mostly, I suspect, because so many of my pre-ordered books were/are June releases. Heh.

  • A Study in Sable – Mercedes Lackey (June 2nd)
  • League of Dragons – Naomi Novik (June 14th)
  • Rise – Mira Grant (June 21st)
  • Poison or Protect – Gail Carriger (June 21st)
  • Imprudence – Gail Carriger (July 19th)
  • Ghost Talkers – Mary Robinette Kowal (August 16th)
  • The Obelisk Gate – N. K. Jemesin (August 16th)
  • Feedback – Mira Grant (October 4th)
  • Crosstalk – Connie Willis (October 4th)

And now that it’s all listed…huh, I don’t have any November or December preorders. That’s most unusual! Usually there’s at least a couple, because some authors are lovely and release books right around my birthday.

I’m the lack won’t last 🙂

So, which releases are you looking forward to this year?


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