May writing round-up

Previously in monthly round ups…

Total new words for May: 12,940

On the one hand, lots of new words! On the other hand…most of those new words came from me restructuring the novel. I think that I was overly optimistic about how much needed rewriting and what changes I needed to make. Despite my casual assertion that I only had half a scene to rewrite on May 1st and then it would all be tweaks and minor edits, I was wrong.

I am learning a lot from this novel. Mostly about how not to write a novel and why I need to make better outlines in the future, because many of the changes I’ve made were driven by big plot problems that wouldn’t have happened if I’d prepped better. At least I can apply this to my next book, right?

Anyway, I’m down to the final four chapters to edit. Over the course of this month, I rewrote entire chapters, deleted a chapter, deleted scenes, moved scenes into different chapters, and hopefully will have a better novel at the end. I’m trying not to get too ambitious, but it would be nice to have this round of edits done this weekend. Except I know that there are several scenes that need rewriting (argh) and probably another scene or two of filler to cut for pacing, so I’ll try not to feel annoyed with myself if I’m not quite done.

Then I intend to put the damn thing aside for a month so that I can read it over with a clear head and see what I’ve got. I suspect that I’ll have to do another round of edits before I send it to first readers, but at least that round will be minor tweaks and proofing rather than whole-sale restructuring. I hope.

I did get…around 500 words written on that big fanfic project. My plan during my downtime from the book is to get a first draft of the fanfic thing done. It will be a nice brain break, both because it’s fanfic and because it’s going to be a fun story. At this point, I really need the break from this novel for a while.

My other June aim is to get one short story edited and submitted. Lightspeed is going to be open for a couple of weeks later in the month, so that’s my goal. Get one story edited and submitted to Lightspeed. Around 4k of my new words were on a short epistolary story that is currently with my critique group. I’m really excited about this story, really pleased with what I did with it, so unless it’s deemed terrible beyond words, that’s the one I’ll be trying to get into a submittable state.

What about you? How did May go for you, and how is June shaping up?