April writing round-up

Previously in monthly round-ups…

Total new words for April: 10,078

So, those plans I made for April…

Nope, this was not a 15k month. It was a 10k month, and frankly, I feel pretty pleased with that. I did not edit a short story and send it out on submission, I did not start rewrites on that novella, and I did not make the big push start on the fanfic project I have.

Plans change and I probably set the goals way too high last month. I got into the big structural edits on the novel and realised that I needed to do some major rewrites to the first third of the book. Most of my new words come from the places where I’ve rewritten entire scenes or chapters. I’m almost done with that–I’ve got half a scene left, and then I think the worst of that is done.

(A thousand or so words came from a short fanfic story that I had to write to get some thoughts out. I’m pretty happy with that, too. It was a nice break and a good way to remind myself that I can actually write, even though editing always makes me suspect that I am a pile of suck.)

I started tracking the number of hours I have a bum in a chair working on something in April, and that’s why I’m feeling pleased despite missing most of my goals. The wordy output doesn’t reflect how much time I’ve spent sitting at my desk, rewriting short chunks of scenes or tweaking sentences to make the big changes I’ve made flow through. That’s a lot of hours, and I’m feeling happier with the overall structure of the book now. The biggest chunk of rewrites are almost done, and I think the rest of the work is going to be smaller changes and tweaks for consistency and continuity in the rest of the novel. That will probably take me the rest of this month and I’m determined to have a coherent full first draft ready for beta readers by the end.

Which leads to, my plans for May:

  1. Finish novel edits and send it out to beta readers.
  2. Write at least a couple of chapters of the big fanfic project.

I’m keeping my goals achievable this month. If I get the other left-over April goals done, too, that will be wonderful, but I’m not pinning myself to them. And hey, I already got the first tiny chunk of that fanfic project started, so hopefully I’m going to stay on track this month.

So that’s my month in review and my month in planning. How did you do, and what are your goals for May?