Initial thoughts on *that* big Doctor Who announcement

So, we have a new Doctor Who companion! Bill, played by Pearl Mackie.

And we even got a two minute video to introduce her, which is something new. Usually we just get the name and, maybe, and interview. Today we got to see Bill herself, facing Daleks, which gives us a few hints about the character.

She’s clearly inquisitive. Not afraid to ask questions. Able to ask the questions the audience has been asking for years–why “Exterminate” instead of “Kill”? Wouldn’t “Kill” save time?–and not reduced to gibbering terror in the face of Daleks. I’ve seen a few comparisons to Donna, I think due to all her questions, and while I know that it’s been said as a derogatory thing…I adore Donna to pieces, so a companion as good as her? Would make be over the moon!

Her clothing style has a bit of an 80s vibe to me, which makes me wonder whether we’re getting a companion out of time for the first time. Plus the Doctor’s comment about going back to the future, although that could easily be a red herring or simply a reference to the fact that it’s not 2017 yet (darn it). I am going to cling to my hope of an out of time companion for now, while knowing that I’ve been wrong in my predictions for most of the companions.

Overall, obviously two minutes isn’t enough to tell us much, but I’m feeling pretty damned happy right now. Why isn’t it 2017 yet?

Who do I need to bribe to get a TARDIS of my own?