March writing round-up

Previously in monthly round-ups…

Total new words for March: 13,526

I said that March wouldn’t be a 25k month, and I was completely right about that! I did manage to hit the one goal that I’d set for myself, though: I wrote “The End” on a very rough novel draft. So that’s done, and I’m counting March as a success on the basis of it.

I didn’t get any editing done, but that’s because I took a well-earned break after I finished the WIP. I did some light editing on a fanfic project over Easter and sent it to my beta reader, but that was it. I really needed a break, it turned out.

But now it’s time to get back to it and work on some things. I have goals to set and achieve!

My plans for April:

  1. Edit a short story and send it out for a second round of reading. If possible, get it out on submission, but that depends on the speed of the second reading!
  2. Write at least 15k new words. There’s a new fanfic project that I need to get a serious start on, if I’m going to hit some deadlines.
  3. The novel I just finished has had some time to think about its sins. By the end of April, I want to have the major structural edits done and have it out with a couple of beta readers.
  4. Finish the major edits on the F/F superhero novella and send it out for beta reading.

Most of my plans involve editing, which is part of the reason I’ll be working on a fic project when I need to put down new words. It’s a good break, a nice change of pace, and it should be a good way to keep my brain from overloading as I work on everything else.

So, that’s my month and my plans. How was March for you, and what are your goals for April?