Links for your weekend reading 18/03/2016

This week’s link collection was a little more extensive than I realised, but now that I’m over the heart attack of looking at the folder, a lot of them are on similar themes. It’s been a bit of a week.

TV and film – still talking about *that* The 100 spoiler and LGBT representation

Variety had a good piece on the ongoing discussion of why so many people were upset about the death of another lesbian character. It goes into the history sets the debate into context for anyone unfamiliar with it, as well as explaining why this death had been the last straw for so many.

Related to that, Autostraddle compiled a list of all the lesbian and bisexual women who have died on screen. At last count, it was 142. For contrast, they also compiled a list of all the lesbian and bisexual women who got some form of happy ending. It’s…ah…a much, much smaller number.

Labels and the M/M community debate

Alexis Hall wrote an interesting and balanced post on the current debate raging in the M/M community around the Gay For You and bisexual erasure. It’s worth a look because it delves into both sides, both arguments, and demonstrates why it’s a debate that has no real solution.

And El of Just Love Romance wrote a beautiful piece on why labels are so important for some people.


Katherine Locke, a freelance editor, wrote a great piece on common problems she sees with manuscripts she edits, and suggestions on why they’re happening (so that you can fix them before they hit an editor or agent).

Things to consume

Sarah Maclean tweeted 100 romance recommendations and she storified them for our perusal. All the subgenres, all the combinations, and the ones she recommended that I’ve read are amazing so I’m sure the rest are, too. My wishlist grew so much while she was doing this.

There’s a new West Wing podcast starting, going through the series episode by episode, and one of the contributors is Will Bailey. Yup, Joshua Malina will be one of the voices. All the actors in the show were intelligent and politically savvy, so I’m anticipating this with great glee.

Andrea Philips is compiling a spreadsheet of conventions. She’s looking for contributors to help out, because that’s a huge task, and I’m frankly delighted. If you’re interested in going to SFF cons, for any reason, it can be hard to find out what is running, where, and when, in order to plan your schedule. This should help so much.

And finally…

This week I’m sharing a short story by Laurie Penny. Your Orisons May Be Recorded is about angels, demons, and a call centre where prayers are answered. I’m going to thinking about it for a long time.