A teeny tiny Hugos post, on slates

I know, I said that I wasn’t looking at any slates or recommendations posts until I’d done my nomination, so that I could properly feel like I haven’t been influenced.

And I haven’t. Honestly, not one peek. I’m even avoiding File 770 right now.

But I’ve seen several authors on my Twitter timeline noting that they are not on a certain slate (*cough*rhymes with kad luppies*cough*) and want to be removed, including Cat Valente. So I thought it might be worthwhile making a note of that, as a reason for why I’m Not Looking so hard. My instinctive need to never align myself with that particular movement shouldn’t make me reject works that I would otherwise have considered. It goes against my stance on slates just as much as voting with a slate would.

I’d also like to direct you to John Scalzi’s note on the situation. He’s declared himself ineligible this year, which is not the case with most other authors, but the points he makes about why people might have been put onto slates (or certain slates) without consent and things we might want to think hard about are good and valid.

Read widely. Read Scalzi’s comments. And if you see an author on a slate that makes you head tilt slightly, think about why they might have been placed on there, what the motivation is, and check whether that author has issued a “please get me the hell off that” notice.

*returns to Hugo blanket fort*