Links for your weekend reading 11/03/2016

Those new Harry Potter stories

NK Jemesin wrote a powerful piece about what could have been, and why so many fans are feeling hurt by the Magic in North America stories.

American Indians in Children’s Literature has pulled together a list of links to responses by Native people to the stories, to give us more context on why the stories are getting so much negative attention.

Gender and sexuality

There has been a lot of discussion during the week about bisexuality and biphobia, particularly within the M/M romance community. On Twitter, liz blue wrote a series of thoughtful tweets that were storified here. And on Buzzfeed, one user wrote an essay on the three ways that biphobia affects mental health. Powerful and important reads.

On Dangerous Women, Joni Meenagh wrote about the social heiarchies of relationships, beginning with challenging the forms that so often ask us to define ourselves by our marital status. 

Tropes in fiction

There has been a lot of discussion in the gay romance community this week about the “gay for you” trope and whether it is a form of bi-erasure, among other sins. It was triggered by a poorly worded blurb for a book that various reviewers are saying is, in fact, nothing like as problematic as the cover makes out, but the discussion has been wide-ranging and ocassionally acrimonious. On her blog, Heidi Cullen took the unpopular side and talked to several authors about their books and why, although badly named, the trope is an important one to explore when it’s done thoughtfully.

On Smart Bitches, Ellen discussed the intersections between romance and fairy tales, including a few recommendations for good modern fairy tale retellings.

And finally…

Not a story this week, but a yummy recipe. Lemon thumbprint cookies. Enjoy!