Wednesday…er, Thursday reading, 10 March 2016

Last book finished: Simply Magic by Mary Balogh. She’s one of my go-to authors for Regency romance–I’ve been spreading out her Bedwyn series slowly, because I love it so, and I allow myself a new one every now and again as a special treat. The Simply series is related to the Bedwyn, so there are character cross-overs, but all the heroines are schoolteachers rather than aristocrats. That gave this book a different flavour that I really enjoyed–must find the others in the series. The heroine of this one, Susanna, has a complicated past that is connected to the hero’s in an unexpected way. It puts real obstacles in their way that they had to work through, which made the resolution much sweeter. I also enjoyed the way their relationship grew from a deep friendship, giving it a foundation that made me root for them as things got complicated. In short, a book that I’d definitely recommend.

Current read: Still working on Russian History: A Very Short Introduction. This will always be my status. I didn’t even read one page this week. Bad me.

Updraft by Fran Wilde came in at the library on Friday, so I had to get started on that as soon as I finished the Balogh. There’s a hold list, so I can’t renew it, and I wanted to assess it for Hugo nominating before the end of the month. I sense that it will be devoured rapidly, though, because the first chapter has me hooked.

I’ve almost finished Rag and Bone by KJ Charles and I can honestly say that I’m absolutely loving it, and feeling slightly sad that it’s almost all gone. I’ll probably finish it tonight, because I’m at one of those “can’t put it down” stages, and I nearly forgot to go back to work after lunch due to it!

Next read: I’ve really got to read Karen Memory for my Hugo nominations consideration before I start anything else. Must not be tempted to dive straight into A Gathering of Shadows. Must not. Must be good.

I have no definite plans for what to read on my Kindle after Rag and Bone, mostly because there are too many unread things tempting me!

What are you reading this week, and would you recommend it?