Links for your weekend reading 04/03/2016

A weekly round-up of links that I’ve collected over the week, curated for your catch-up convenience.

Publishing News

First up, this is probably old news for many, if you’re not jacked into the latest publishing news then this may still be relevant to you: Samhain Publishing is closing its doors.

This is a huge blow. As a reader, I always knew that if I picked up a book from Samhain, it would be well edited and beautifully presented. Some of my favourite authors are published with them, and they were one of the first houses to publish gay romance as a genre. As a writer, this is a blow because they’d been at the top of my publishing bucket house, for all the same reasons that I enjoyed reading their books.

Nook is pulling out of ebook distribution in the UK. According to the article, they’re pairing with Sainsbury’s to ensure that users can still access their content, but people will have to take action by the end of May to make that happen.

These two pieces of news are a strong hint that there’s a big shake-up coming in ebooks this year, and on the face of it, that doesn’t look good for anyone.

And it looks like mass market is also facing issues: Penguin Random House announced a round of layoffs today.

In slightly happier news, the submissions guidelines have been posted for POCs Destroy Horror. Submissions don’t open until April 1st. Queers Destroy Fantasy was where I sent my very first submission (and got my first very rejection), so I have a huge fondness for the Destroy anthologies.

Ghostbusters trailer!

You’ve probably seen it, but here’s the Ghostbusters trailer just in case.

And here’s a nice break-down on the awesome things that trailer is doing.


In Uncanny Magazine, Jim C Hines talks about why historical context cannot (and should not) be used to excuse bigotry in the works and authors we hold up as classics of the genre.

Over on The Booksmugglers, S.L. Huang, Sunil Patel, and Haralambi Markov discussed the process of shifting from writing short stories to novels and vice versa. I’m a natural novel writer trying to learn to write short stories, so Huang’s descriptions of how different the pacing issues are struck close to home for me.

On Lady Business, KJ (owlmoose) talks about why “Just do it yourself” doesn’t help in diversity discussions.

And finally…a story

Remember choose your own adventure stories? Try Welcome to the Medical Clinic at the Interplanetary Relay Station | Hours Since the Last Patient Death: 0 by Caroline M. Yoachim for a really interesting, and disturbing, take on the trope.