Links for your weekend reading 26/02/2016

New experiment for the blog: a round-up of all the links I’ve collected over the week, rather than writing half a dozen little blog posts for each of them.

To start, in response to last week’s Booksmuggler’s problematic column about alphahole heroes in romantic fiction, Ilona Andrews wrote a fantastic, well-researched blog post analysing the same trope: Brief Analysis of Alphahole Trope in Romantic Fiction. When we said that the article should have been written by someone who knows the subject and can do the research, this is what we meant!

(Plus, it’s funny. I particularly enjoyed the ironic use of pink hearts.)

Most people have read this, but for those who haven’t: Mark Oshiro detailed his experiences at ConquesT last year. Trigger warning for racism, homophobia, sexual harassment…really, everything that should never happen at a convention.

In response to that, and so many other incidents, Mikki Kendall wrote about why conventions need to get behind codes of conduct better: On Bad Cons & How You Kill An Event in Advance.

Jim Hines is as sensible as ever on this, too, and includes summaries of just a selection of harrassment incidents at other cons: The Importance of Having and ENFORCING Harassment Policies at Cons

Canadian readers, looks like we’ll be losing Doctor Who from Netflix soon, too. CraveTV is getting an exclusive streaming license for New Who from the summer. I’m not surprised, but it’s making me cranky. I just signed up for Crave (for the Star Trek) and the interface is shite, but it looks like it’ll be our only option soon (if we’re too lazy to walk across the room and get the DVDs out).