When indulgences rescue me, or, why buying a robot vacuum cleaner has been a sanity saver

For my birthday in November, I bought a robot vacuum cleaner. Mr Fantastic is a Roomba and, at the time, I felt horribly indulgent and quite guilty for spending all that money on such a frivolous purchase. I mean, who really needs someone else to do their housework for them? Isn’t that a bit lazy?

It wasn’t exactly an impulse purchase. I’d decided to buy it when my back went wonky last winter and I spent weeks feeling miserable and frustrated. Being in pain is bad enough. Being in pain in a dirty house? Utter misery for me. So I’d saved responsibly and had a good reason to buy it and I still managed to feel guilty about it because it was a robot vacuum cleaner.

Right up until ten days ago, when my back went very wonky again. It’s why there’s been very little blogging and Twitter activity lately. All my limited energy and functionality has gone into maintaining my day job, with anything left over going into words on the novel (I broke 50k! I’ll break 55k by the end of the month!).

My back is slowly getting better, but it’s going to be a long time before I can do any heavy work. Like vacuuming. But this time, Mr Fantastic is doing the vacuuming for me. So although I’m in pain and frustrated, I’m not feeling miserable about my dirty house with roaming balls of cat fur everywhere.

You’d be amazed by how much that has helped my mood.

Have you done something that seemed frivolous, but has turned out to be an amazing decision in the end?