Wednesday reading, 29 December 2015

For the last time this year, what have I been reading this week?

Last book finished: Two finished books this week! I’m finishing the year strong.

Aftermath by Chuck Wendig is one of the new official tie-in Star Wars novels. It takes place in the aftermath (cunning title there) of Return of the Jedi, when the Empire is still teetering on the edge of collapse and the New Republic is trying to establish itself. The story and characters were great, but I found the writing style grated on my nerves very fast. Wendig writes a lot of choppy fragmented sentences, which probably helps to ramp up tension for some people, but I just got irritated.

Thankfully, Chimera by Mira Grant was much more my thing. The writing style is always great: tense, but the prose flows when it needs to, and Grant makes her books almost impossible to put down. This is the final part in her Parasitology trilogy and she managed to end it in a way left me completely satisfied. It’s a zombie series, so it was never going to have a total happily ever after, but the ending felt good and right for the books.

Current read: Still working on Russian History: A Very Short Introduction. That may be my status forever. My Kindle read is Once Upon a Marquess by Courtney Milan, which has immediately charmed me due to the presence of food, cats, and a clockmaker heroine. I love Milan’s work, so I was predisposed to be charmed, but she’s on fine form here.

My other read is The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher. Yeah, I know, I was going to read one of my library books, but this just called to me. It’s a massive tome, but that’s making me happy rather than intimidated. I’m less than 100 pages in, but the characters have grabbed me, the worldbuilding is gorgeous, and Butcher’s plot already has me intrigued. It’s steampunk fantasy, which I adore, and there’s a talking cat. I’m pretty sure he wrote this book just for me.

Next read: I have no idea! I should really read one of my library books before I hit the TBR shelf, because it always seems wrong to return an entire stack unread. And my Kindle is currently stuffed with new books because there were so many great sales over Christmas. The decisions are going to be very tough.