Two sleeps to Star Wars!

Star Wars has always existed for me. I was born the year after the original was released, so I can’t remember a time before Star Wars.

My dad is almost as much of a geek as me. He’s the man responsible for my love of SFF. Without him, I wouldn’t be a giant Doctor Who nerd, a Star Trek fan, or a regular Lord of the Rings rereader. He went to see all three original Star Wars movies at the cinema during their original releases, and he watched them whenever they were on the telly, which is why I can’t remember my first time watching Star Wars. I was probably a wee tot, just like I was for my first Doctor Who and Star Trek.

My earliest Star Wars memory is from a day when one of the “Star” movies (Star Trek, Star Wars) was going to be on the telly, and my parents asked if I wanted to watch it. I wanted to know whether it was the funny Star movie or the scary one.

Apparently I’d watched The Wrath of Khan at an impressionable age. The earwig scene still makes me shudder, but it made me hide behind my dad at that age. It doesn’t help that Chekov was already one of my favourites, so that scene was double stressful.

The scary “Star” movies were Star Trek. The funny ones were Star Wars. Apparently Han getting encased in carbonite wasn’t nearly as scary as Chekov getting brain worms. Go figure. That day, it was the funny Star movie, so I was happy and I curled up with my dad to watch. If I remember rightly, it was the original, so I was probably a very happy child that day, because that remains my favourite SW to this day. Original and best, you might say.

What’s your earliest Star Wars memory? Has it always existed for you, or do you remember your first time?