Four sleeps to Star Wars!

I know, for the really dedicated fans it’s only two or three sleeps. I tried to get Thursday night tickets. I really did.

Except I was working on the day tickets were released, and all the opening night tickets had sold by the time I got home. I’ll just have to hide from the entire world from Wednesday to avoid spoilers.

I’ve been trying to manage my expectations for months. I remember the prequels. I remember my excitement followed by the disappointment. It’s been so hard not to get excited, though. You’ve all seen the trailers, right? If you go by them, it looks like they’ve figured out what worked for the original series and given us that with bells and whistles and diversity on top. But trailers sometimes lie, too, which is what makes this so difficult.

Over the last few months, it’s been amazing watching fandom collectively lose its shit over Star Wars while trying really, really hard to pretend we aren’t. We’re all emotionally scarred, but willing to try again. Willing to believe in the Force. Willing to believe that the film makers can learn lessons from the past.

Hoping that we can go back to that a galaxy far, far away, a long time ago, and find it as magical and breathtaking as it ever was.