NaNoWriMo – how did you do?


So, I guess this graphic is a bit of a give away about how I did! I finished, with a final word count of 53,776 words for the month. I didn’t expect to get this far. Remember back when I wasn’t sure that I could actually do it this year?

Everyone was right, I could do it. I didn’t do it in the traditional way–I tackled two projects, because otherwise there was no way that I could do this. On November 1st, I had around 2k of a novelette that needed to be finished and a very vague novel outline.

The novelette ended up being 14.5k in its first draft. One of my jobs this month is getting it edited, beta’d, and edited again in time for the submission call it’s intended for, which closes at the end of the year. At this point, I’m feeling really happy with the final two thirds of it and hoping that the heaviest lifting on the editing side is in the opening third. I guess that I’ll find out at lunch today when I open the file for its first proper read through if I’m right!

I got ~41k on the novel, which I’m estimating is around half of what the final word count will be. It’s surprised me, frustrated me, and delighted me by turns. I’m working up to the big midpoint reveal, which is going to switch a few things around, bring the romance plot into the foreground, and hopefully be a ton of fun to write. Or, you know, I could be tearing my hair out over it later this month. Hopefully it’s the former.

But I’ve got to get this novelette out of the door first and take care of a couple of other projects, so the novel is not going to get as much attention from me for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, that’s been a disaster (my poor steampunk novel is still languishing after being set aside in May), but last year’s NaNo novel had the same break, and I came back to it fresher and happier and got it finished in early January.

(Let’s all forget about the part where it’s still languishing in edits and the source of much uncertainty from me, okay?)

NaNo wasn’t just about the word count for me, although beating the 50k again feels pretty good. I decided to do it again to get myself out of a rut where I was picking at things without making real progress, and on that front, it succeeded beyond my expectations. I genuinely wasn’t expecting to do this much. I would have been happy with a completed draft of the novelette and the opening couple of chapters of the novel. When I got started, though, my competitive streak kicked in, I got absorbed by my stories, and suddenly I was racing. I surpassed my own expectations, got some work done that really needed to be done, and that’s why I’m feeling quite proud of myself this morning.

So, how was NaNo for you? Did you hit your goals, even if you didn’t make it to 50k?


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – how did you do?

  1. I hit my goal for NaNo although I only finished 15 minutes before my self appointed deadline this year. It was my tightest finish since my very first NaNo.

    Congrats on your third win. Hopefully you will make it four next year 😉


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