I was going to write my Doctor Who review today, but the last Star Wars trailer has scrambled my brain. It’s too awesome.

Why yes, I have already bought my ticket. Sadly, opening night was already sold out, so it’s day after opening night. That’s as long as I’ll be able to wait for this.

Please, please, do not let this be like Phantom Menace, where all that delicious anticipation slowly turned to horror at how not good most of it was.

(Apart from the light saber fight between Qui-Gon and Darth Maul. That was awesome and might made up for Jar-Jar and Anakin if it hadn’t been two *hours* of Jar-Jar.)

I’m starting to have faith, though. It looks amazing. There’s real plot. There are women and people who are not white and hints at some fantastic backstory. If the film lives up to the trailer’s promise…this is going to be EPIC.


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