All of time and space…where do you want to start?

Two sleeps to new Doctor Who!

As anyone who has ever seen me on panels at conventions will know, I’m just a bit of a Doctor Who fan. Just a tiny bit. You know, I’ve only been watching it since I was old enough to hold my head in the direction of the TV. I’m not very good at being unbiased. Even if it’s a bad episode, I can usually find some way to redeem it, because it’s Doctor Who and that automatically makes it lovely.

(Yes, even Paradise Towers. This may be my least favourite story (cannibalism squicks me out, I’m sorry), but I admire the writers’ attempts at political allegory. Doctor Who has always been political, to some degree.)

Last night, in preparation for the new series, I went to the cinema to watch last year’s finale. I’d forgotten how much I loved it, even though it broke my heart. All the little touches made it: the call out to In the Thick of It, the references to the Brig, the Doctor on the UNIT payroll, Osgood being Osgood. I remembered my delight at the revelation of Missy, because they freaking went there, when I didn’t expect them to. There was that horrible moment when I thought they’d killed Kate, and I was ready to scream and write angry blog posts, because UNIT needs to always have a Lethbridge-Stewart around. I’m still bitter that Osgood didn’t get saved. Argh.

The ending. Oh, wow, the ending. Which was all made better in the Christmas special, but my heart at the ending. The Doctor and Clara both lying, thinking they were making it okay for each other, not realising that they weren’t. If that had been how Clara left, I probably would have been almost as bitter as I am over Donna’s ending.

(I’m firmly in the camp that pretends the last few minutes of Journey’s End didn’t happen. Donna is out there travelling the universe with Ace on her time-travelling motorbike, saving planets and kicking arse together.)

The episodes looked amazing on the big screen. I will never get tired of Doctor Who at the cinema. And then, as is traditional, there were extras! Most importantly, there was another prologue for the new season!

I’m putting the rest of this behind a cut, because spoilers. If you’re reading this via something that doesn’t put the cut in and you don’t want any spoilers, look away now. If you want to see the prologue, I’m pretty sure The Doctor’s Meditation must have been leaked online somewhere by now. Google is your friend.

The Doctor is preparing for something! A battle or other terrible thing! Which we already knew a little bit about, due to the other, shorter prologue, but now…

I’m so intrigued about who he’s preparing for. It can’t be Missy, because the Doctor is referring to a ‘him’, and he switched pronouns the moment he realised that the Master had regenerated as Missy. So, who else is there that he’s known for most of his life and would be afraid of?

Is this a hint that Rassilon is coming back again? It must be a Time Lord, and there aren’t that many established Time Lords that the Doctor would have known for so long.

I strongly suspect that I appreciated the humour more than most. The sequence where the Doctor is looking for water to dig a well almost killed me, but that’s largely because my parents have been dealing with a water issue that snowballed from a broken washing machine into digging holes all over the neighbourhood. You’ve got to laugh when something that relevant suddenly appears on the screen in front of you.

(I’d tell the story, but I’m saving it for a special occasion. I’m sure there’s a book or a short story it would fit into.)

So, there’s a prologue. There’s a castle. There’s a man called Bors who assisted the Doctor for a while. There’s a battle. There’s a tale the Doctor is going to tell, about what brought him to the castle. It’s all very intriguing.

And I’m still itching to know who Maisie Williams is playing. Argh.

Two more sleeps! Two! Nearly there!